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To be a condition for adding meaningful value to growing companies and economies, sector knowledge is paramount. These sectors are key to contributing to business growth, economic development and job creation. Guul has garnered wealth network, local knowledge, alongside, industry experience, enabling us to support the growth of the Group’s portfolio with both the Public and Private sector investments.

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Agribusiness – Nowhere on Earth is there as much unused or poorly used arable land, big agricultural breakthroughs and productivity gains in food production in Africa are expected.

Blue Economy – This sector can play a major role in Africa’s transformation, sustainable progress, and social development. The global ocean economy is worth around US$1.5 trillion each year. Eastern African economies earn well over US$10 billion annually and Africa loses $1.3 billion annually to illegal fishing.

Digital Economy – Africa leads the world in mobile adoption, which continues to offer the biggest cross-sectoral economic opportunities. Mobile payment networks, pioneered in East Africa, opened the wired, global economy to poor, unbanked city and rural dwellers

Financial Services – Africa’s US$107 billion financial services industry will log impressive growth for the rest of the decade, as more banks target the continent’s emerging middle class

Hospitality & Tourism – African hospitality attracted over US$1.8 billion during 2019, upwards of 4.2 percent in 2018, revealing itself to be the continent most strongly positioned for development and expansion

Industry & Manufacturing – Africa’s vast untapped labour, capital, and resource potentials can support the production of textiles, leather processing, chemical products, electronics and vehicles

Infrastructure & Transport – Roads, rails, ports, airports, power grids and IT backbone needed to lift African economies. This lack of infrastructure hinders the growth of imports, exports, and regional business.

Mining & Minerals – One of the largest mining and mineral industries in the world. Africa is the second biggest continent, with 30 million km2 of land, which implies large quantities of resources

Renewable Energy – Africa can generate power with a mix of abundant wind, solar, hydro and bio energy, alongside conventional fuels such as oil and gas, which are also abundant

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