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Trade and Investment promotion & facilitation

Guul Group provides investment facilitation services whilst branding, promoting and marketing investment opportunities in Somaliland. Somaliland is already attracting interest from a range of international companies ...... Read more


Investment Capital Raising

Guul Group Capital understands the importance of accessing capital for businesses. Through our extensive experience and established connections in the capital markets both in Europe and in the Middle East and Africa, Read more

Agriculture - Investment Opportunity

Investment Opportunities

A business that invests, continuously seeks investment opportunities; Guul provides investment opportunities with the aim of bringing and working with foreign investment and strategic alliance partners on projects in Somaliland, Read more


Management Consultancy

We consult with organisations (private and public) to transform their operations through engaging leadership and teams to drive measurable and sustainable benefits. Streamlining processes, eliminating waste and reducing cost to ensure scarce resources are focussed ...... Read more

Guul is the optimum choice for bold, budding and bullish investors. Product research, competitor analysis or industry data. Guul helps investors and entrepreneurs identify, understand and develop investment opportunities. Focusing on the areas affecting investment; policy, competition, trade, taxation, risk

Research and data analysis

Want to break into Somaliland, Somalia and other markets in the Horn of Africa? Guul is the optimum choice for bold, budding and bullish investors. Product research, competitor analysis or industry data. Read more


Private Sector Development

We pride ourselves in providing a myriad of excellent investment and trade facilitation services to attract foreign direct investment into Somaliland. We also offer a range of business startup and development services for both foreign and local businesses. ...... Read more

Background for Market entry page

Market entry

Guul Group has been able to successfully identify gaps in the market, local partners, the key decision-makers and the full range of challenges and opportunities for new market entrants across a wide range of sectors. Guul can provide Market Entry Services..... Read more


Due Diligence and Risk Mitigation

Guul assists you to make informed and strategic decisions to realise value in complex and challenging environments, specifically entering a new market in the Horn of Africa; in order to mitigate risk, whether it is a new investment .... Read more


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