Trade and Investment

promotion & facilitation

Guul Group provides investment facilitation services whilst branding, promoting and marketing investment opportunities in Somaliland. Somaliland is already attracting interest from a range of international companies and we are delighted to be in the position to help both existing and new investors enhance commercial activity. Investment facilitation at Guul Group is designed to attract foreign investment and maximise the effectiveness and efficiency through all stages of the investment cycle. Transparency and simplicity are among its most important principles. Investors look for an investment environment that is stable, and that offers international best practice standards of protection, including the swift and equitable resolution of investment disputes.

Investment facilitation is enhanced by the

  • Availability of high-standard business services
  • Talented and flexible labour forces,
  • The sound protection of investment. Our sound investment facilitation strategy ensures that all investment applications are dealt with expeditiously, fairly and equitably. Guul is working with the Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of trade and investment.

Playing a bridging role between cultures through our extensive knowledge.

  • Experience
  • Local contacts and network
  • Advise investors on local laws and regulations
  • Investment risk mitigation
  • Taxation matters
  • Logistics and general business environment
  • Transport and accommodation arrangements during client visit

We promote a broad spectrum of sectors; Agriculture, Livestock, Energy, Fisheries, Minerals, and Transport & Logistics, We endeavour to build a close relationship with potential investors during the early phase. Facilitation activities may involve, organising site visits, providing advice and assistance during the negotiation process, and assisting the investor toward the investment decision. The purpose of Guul Group is to make investing across Somaliland, Somalia and the Horn of Africa easier and possible. We work with governments, private sector organisations, companies and individuals to make sure that you have the information and access you need to make sound investment decisions for your enterprise. We facilitate your entry into Somali markets and connect you to the networks you need to succeed. Delivering consistently high-quality facilitation helps to make the location more competitive. We put them face to face with like-minded people and decision makers which gives them the best possible perspective of the given markets. Risk Mitigation and Due diligence Our specialist consultants (including a former senior consultant at UK’s Deloitte) and associates are skilled in conducting of technical and professional due diligence assessments. If you have already identified a project or acquisition of interest to you in Somaliland and Somalia, Guul Group can assist to systematically reduce the extent of exposure to a risk and/or the likelihood of its occurrence as well as potential impacts on your project.

  • The facilitation of joint ventures and business linkages between small and big business;
  • The provision of relevant, reliable information to investors and traders;
  • Assistance with applications for both investment and export marketing incentives;
  • Assistance to foreign investors with applications for business permits;
  • Negotiation of Local Government incentives on behalf of investors;
  • Provision of project support and after-care services;
    Assistance to investors for their location to suitable premises and for securing project and operational finance.

Why Guul Group

  • Reduce your learning curve
  • Minimise your risk
  • Stay ahead of your competition
  • Create long-term sustainable growth
  • Accelerate your market entry
  • Increase your win-rates
  • Make informed decisions
  • Maximise your return on investment

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