Being very much the backbone of Somaliland, as well as a multi-million dollar industry, Guul Group aims to supply the need of livestock and frozen meat across North Africa and the Middle East. The livestock arm of Guul Group has been breeding, fattening, and raising livestock since 2009 supplying local demand and now the export market. Guul Farmers Group’s (GFG) current project is to establish a Farmers Support Centre in Ginya village, which is centrally accessed to a dozen adjacent villages, in addition to a Farmers shop in Burao City, which will serve the greater Toghdeer region. Guul Group will expand operations into poultry, beekeeping, cross-breeding and dairy products such as ghee and butter. Pragmatic plans have been put in place by the Group, with the guidance of agro-consultants and industry specialists to process the agricultural produce, packaging, marketing and exporting. GG provides a scalable and sustainable model of service delivery for small-holder farms including farmer support systems, farmers training, clinical services, farmer extension, marketing of livestock, veterinary and farm equipment. Thus contributing to improved livestock practice and policy in Somaliland and the wider region.


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