Somaliland: Ambassador Hotel Commemorates 15 Years of 5 Star Service

The Ambassador hotel, a Luxury Hotel with international standards, nests on top of the hills overlooking the panoramic view of the Somaliland capital city of Hargeisa, and provides you the finest in hospitality. Established fifteen years the Ambassador hotel has not only introduced, sustained but perfected Five star hospitality industry in Somaliland courtesy of its continued pursuit and adaption of international norms. The Ambassador hotel Hargeisa which was established by youthful Briton of Somaliland origin, Khadar Aden Hussein has come along way from its humble beginnings of mid 2002 to not only being dubbed a city in the corner of a city but being recognized as a hospitality service provider of international standards. In 2016 TripAdvisors having recognized the hotel’s hospitality supremacy in the Horn of Africa awarded its annual certificate of excellence for hospitality and ambiance for the year 2016.

Then Somaliland president Dahir Rayale Kahin at the opening of Ambassador hotel 15 years ago Established in 2010 thus in in its sixth year, during the Ambassador recognition , TripAdvisor said that “this award is for achievement celebrating hospitality businesses that have earned great traveller reviews on TripAdvisor over the past year. recipients of The annual Certificate of Excellence include accommodations, eateries and attractions located all over the world that have continually delivered a quality customer experience. The Certificate of Excellence accounts for the quality, quantity and recency of reviews submitted by travellers on TripAdvisor over a 12-month period. To qualify, a business must maintain an overall TripAdvisor bubble rating of at least four out of five. Ambassador has a rating of 82% positive reviews. A sample of such reviews for Ambasssor Hotel Somaliland include but not limited to: “Good service, great camel steak and very clean” Kaltun, Hargeisa “One of the best hotels in the world, Ambassador Hotel” Tim,Baltimore “A hotel that hears and grows with its clients” Rima, Copenhagen “Excellent hotel with excellent staff” Alex, London, “comfortable, clean, with brilliant staff and management” Antonio, Plymouth “More than I expected and sweet staff” David, London, A sanctuary well worth it.” Diego California, “Starting to feel like home!” Max, London  

In its fledgling years, the location of the hotel was uninhabited one and though many queried the essence of establishing a bussines concern in an such an area, as opposed to the local norms that pursue highly residential concentrated places, the gamble by the then youthful and Diaspora enterprenuer did not only pay off by turning the area into the Somaliland city’s most Prime estate but the most lucrative for land owning ordinary citizens. The gratitude of the land owning citizens whose direct benefit of the Khadar gamble was not in ease of good food and lodging availability but in dollars for their formerly unwanted and empty residential plots having turned most sought in Hargeisa, paid back with votes that saw Khadar become an MP with the highest number of votes in Somaliland in the parliamentary elections of 2005 Though he enjoyed a good stint in the Somaliland legislature, the demand for his presence at the services expanding Ambassador hotel saw him resign his membership of parliament thence full time attention. Queried on whether it was worth departing his modern and comfortable life in the English Diaspora thence establish Ambassador hotel and subsequent resignation from the Somaliland legislature in order to provide full attention to his brainchild, the Khadar Aden Hussein said that he has no regrets and if the reviews (above) given by his clients is anything to go by, then “I would do it all over again” And without any qualms at for it has been a pleasure to nurse ……… Adding that the initial vision in establishing Ambassador hotel of aspiring to “We shall be New Somaliland’s flagship in rebuilding the Tourism Industry” has been fully achieved, being sustained while infusion of new industry mechanism being pursued Khadar Aden Hussein says that this has not been an easy task but a strenuously costly one.

Khadar Aden Hussei Left the comfort of his Diaspora life in the U.K. To establish Ambassador hotel Somaliland Message from the General Manager “It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Ambassador Hotel Hargeisa. In the true sense of Somaliland hospitality it is our aim to make your stay as comfortable as possible to fulfill your every need and to instill in you, a sense of absolute wellbeing. I hope you will enjoy the comfort of your room and will find time to visit our oasis garden restaurant, perhaps our superbly equipped gym. With my best wishes for up most memorable stay“.Khader Aden Hussein stressing that Our optimism will result in both a stepping stone and a building block towards a better future in the New Somaliland. In conclusion the #1 Somaliland hotelier says that despite being owner and general manager of the hotel “my official work pertains only to ensuring that the Ambassador hotel vision is not only achieved but sustained and enhanced upon as well, thence creating innovative approaches and product packaging in the hotel industry. while actual implementation of the facilities mission is entirely delegated to the very capable cadre of staff” Though a full time hotelier Khadar dubbed Khadar Ambassador does not conclude without touching on the nationwide picture as pertains the hotel’ value to Somaliland and its economy:

With over 400 employees Ambassador has increased value to the Somaliland economy Says he “ Employing over 400 people, Ambassador Hotel Hargeisa has played a major role in the tremendous progress made in Somaliland’s state-building and democratisation processes over the past two decades. The Hotel has facilitated a growing engagement of the nation’s major stakeholders, the civil society and the public with neighboring countries and the broader international community. Major discussions have taken place and decisions made inside of Ambassador Hotel including wide range of fundamental issues, including foreign policy, economic development, and the constitution of Somaliland” So at 15 years of service where and what is the Ambassador Hotel “Excellences, Ambassadors, Mission Heads, Ministers, Traditional leaders, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen; it’s an honour to have served you since 2002. A dormitory for decision makers. A home to conferences and events for many UN, EU, AU, US and other International organisations. With stunning indoor and outdoor options Ambassador offers exclusive and elegant spaces for both Accommodation and Business Meetings.”

The Somaliland Ambassador hotel,is a Luxury Hotel with international standards, that nests on top of the hills overlooking the panoramic view of the capital city of Hargeisa, and provides you the finest in hospitality. The hotel, which is conveniently located along the airport Road, is approximately one kilometre away from the international Airport, a location that provides easy access to local cuisine; as well as state of the art leisure and sport facilities, a modern business center, and conference facilities. For sleep comfort All rooms at the Ambassador hotel are equipped with multi-channel satellite colour TV, mini-bars, water heating systems, free high speed wireless Internet, and a telephone. In the words of the hotel’s Business Development, Corporate Clients manager Guled Harun Ibrahim the successes of the hotel is directly related to “ Our smiling friendly staffs are ready to serve and please you at any time” adding that “It is our responsibility to provide Customer Service Excellence, to every guest, client and visitor, one that is beyond compare. Also tasked with Day to Day operations Guleid Harun adds that satisfaction of clients and customers is the best goodwill the Ambassador offers as their take-home in every visit and stay they make, as he stresses on the hotels hallmark “ We create a wholesome environment, conducive for international, national, and local visitors and guests to unwind and bring new businesses” On the hotels mission which he charged with implementing, the hotel’s Business Development, Corporate Clients manager says We aspire and shall be known for our heavenly panoramic view, our strategic location, our state-of-the-art facilities, and as the leader in the hotel industry of the emerging New Somaliland. In addition We shall be known for our commitment to provide our guests, clients, and visitors unmatched service excellence, in authentic Somali hospitality, the comfort and ambiance of a home away from home, as well as satisfying their discriminating taste for delectable cuisine. And, we shall provide to our staff family a wholesome workplace, one that breeds respect, trust, and loyalty. So what are the services provided by Ambassador hotel To sleep Being part of the Ambassador Luxury Hotel Group means you can be sure of a warm welcome, unrivalled service and the highest levels of comfort. In keeping with its original splendour, every one of our guest bedrooms is spacious and airy, most boasting impressive high ceilings, classic decor and original features. Several of our rooms offer a step out balcony with magnificent views of the City Centre. Rooms range from single, deluxe and VIP furnished with first class furniture and fixtures that can match any world-wide renowned 5-star hotels: including water heating system, multi channel satellite color TV, mini-bar, a telephone system that can connect the guests to an outside call (whether out-going or in-coming) in every room and high speed wifi The VIP rooms have a separate receiving room for the guests’ visitors, and are furnished with comfortable sofas, TV and mini-bar. To relax For those that Had a stressful day at the office, Tired form all the sightseeing and touring around or just a Need to stay in shape, in Hargeisa Somalilamd the Ambassador hotel is just the place to relax and unwind for on offer to all guests and members is a complimentary access to the ultra modern Health Centre, tennis court, and football pitch.

To meet The Ambassador Hotel Hargeisa has over 8 years of experience in hosting meetings, conferences and events for many leading local, UN and International organizations. We have the conference facilities, venue and expertise to host events of any size, ranging from 2 to 1500 delegates, across our 7 conferences and syndicate meeting rooms

These premier facilities for hosting your meetings or events, include: • Masalle Hall. Ideal for traditional and classic type weddings. Also suitable for conferences, seminars, and workshops for a large number of participants. The Masale Theatre has a seating capacity of 300 persons. • Moge Hall • Sheik’s Cabin. Suitable for parties, workshops, conferences, and seminars with small to medium sized number of participants. Also ideal for garden type wedding occasions. The maximum seating capacity is 100. • Lion’s Den. Ideal for small group private meetings, as well as lunch or dinner. The Lion’s Den is located at the top most part of the hotel, where one can enjoy the beautiful scenic city of Hargeisa either at night or during the day. The maximum seating capacity is 30.
Food and Restaurants Since the Ambassador Hotel first opened its door in June of 2002, the dining options have offered an exciting range of eating experiences for even the most discerning palate. From the outset, Seasons Restaurant has enjoyed its reputation of being one of Hargeisa city’s finest restaurants. The Finest food made freshly every day Let your senses be tantalised by an abundant selection of flavours and aromas. Ambassador Hotel Hargeisa offers an outdoor restaurant which will delight you with different cuisines and lets you choose from the finest menu in Hargeisa. Exotic flavours, Somali spices, marinated and mouth-watering camel steak in a comfortable setting that overlooks the beautiful hotel gardens. You, as guest, are treated to a wonderful array of culinary delights selected on a seasonal basis by our Head Chef. This includes both local and international flavored dishes for lunch and dinner, that will temp and delight everyone’s taste buds. Let your dining experience immerse you in luxury from start to finish, in one of Hargeisa’s best loved restaurants. The special ambience and service will ensure that you want to return again and again. “Our indoor restaurant, the Alta Vista is ideal for formal dining and private lunches or dinner meetings while “ Our outdoor restaurant, The Oasis Garden Restaurant, is ideal for private dining with friends and family, as well as for round table meetings and workshops. The ambassador also takes pride in its modern baking facilities: the hotel freshly prepared bread, muffins, cookies and wedding cakes. All baking carried out on the premises! “Not to mention its multi flavored giant ice cream” adds M Guleid There are multi-sized halls for holding conferences, seminars, workshops, presentations, consultations, weddings, graduations and business meetings.
Tours The Ambassador Hotel will arrange you tour packages to many areas of Somaliland such as… Berbera, which is a coastal city that serves as the biggest seaport for Somaliland, with its clean and unspoiled beaches at the Gulf of Aden. Swimming, snorkelling, fishing and scuba-diving are some of the activities on offer. The most outstanding area of Berbera is Moscow, even with your eyes closed you will notice the Russian architecture. When you have a good look at the houses you will notice they are made from Coral stone. When you fly into Berbera you do not have to worry about the airstrip… in the 80’s NASA used to have an office here and they built the strip because they had plans for a space shuttle to depart from here! The strip is 3 km! Treat yourself in one of the fancy restaurants with sea views! There is fresh caught fish every day! You will be surprised how much fish there is: just 1% is used for consumption and the other 99% is still swimming around! So when you go snorkelling or diving you won’t be alone! When you are done with the heat take a nice ride into the mountains all the way to Sheekh! It is wonderful ride. You can do it as a day-trip! In Sheek historical graves are just found and the nature is very nice! Laas Gaal, which roughly means “camel watering hold”. As a complex of caves and rock shelters famous for its cave paintings, Laas Gaal contains some of the earliest known art in the Horn of Africa and the African continent in general, dating back to somewhere 9000 BC. Some tourists travel to Somaliland just to witness the paintings. They were discovered by a French archaeological team in 2002. The government and locals keep the cave paintings safe and only a restricted number of tourists are allowed. Visa processing The Ambassador Hotel is providing a visa processing for everyone who wishes to come to Somaliland. After we receive your request, you will get your visa within three days, or sometimes earlier. Property Management The Ambassador Hotel organises for you the renting of houses for UN, International and local organizations, as well as individuals. We have apartments and villas that are suitable both for families and also for individuals. In his 15 anniversary message says Guled “Ambassador Hotel aims to create an authentic atmosphere and a unique hospitality experience in Hargeisa; profoundly different to anything else you may experience during your stay. The Hotel endeavours to bring that personal touch to service; small details about your preferences”
Contact ambassador Send a message, and the dedicated staff team will get back to you soon. » Want to talk to a human directly? Phone us on +252 2 5666666 » Email directly at You will find more about Ambassador hotel Hargeisa Somaliland here. Since 2016 Ambassador hotel has engaged a U.K. And Somaliland registered consultancy firm to handle its business development and corporate client portfolios that have seen the firm second two senior staffers at the hotel.

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