Agriculture & Food Processing

Guul Farmers Group (GFG) has been involved in semi-commercial crop farming for 4 years in the Togdheer region of Somaliland. Guul Group will endeavour to further invest into sustainable agriculture to ensure food security, provide employment, income generation and increase export of agricultural produce. GFG is accessing 200+ (available for cultivating and fertile) hectares for growing different drought resistant crops, alfalfa is grown for feeding and fattening livestock whilst seeds, pesticides, fertilisers, agrichemicals are sold. Somaliland Agriculture has started improving recently and several programs & measures that aid with agricultural development, playing impertinent and complementing roles in agriculture, have been taken up by the company in alignment with the Somaliland Development Plan. GFG is aiming to become the premier curator of high quality, ethical and sustainable agricultural produce. Guul Group’s agriculture section will no doubt be one of the spearheads in developing this sector of Somaliland and potentially the Horn of Africa. Agriculture is Africa’s single most important competitive advantage in the global economy.

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