Value added and bespoke services to suit your business and investment needs

Somaliland Investment Facilitation

Trade & Investment Facilitation

By providing fast, up-to-date, and accurate information about opportunities; it can encourage potential investors to consider this investment destinations and reduce perceptions of risk.
Somaliland Investment Capital Raising

Investment Capital Raising

Guul Group understands the importance of accessing capital for businesses. Through our extensive experience and established connections in the capital markets in Europe, Middle East and Africa, we are able to assist companies to access their capital requirements
Somaliland Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities

A business that invests, continuously seeks investment opportunities; Guul provides investment opportunities with the aim of bringing and working with foreign investment and strategic partners on projects in Somaliland, Somalia and other Horn of Africa markets.
Somaliland Management Consultancy

Management Consultancy

We consult with organisations (private and public) to transform their operations through engaging leadership and teams to drive measurable and sustainable benefits. Streamlining processes, eliminating waste and reducing cost to ensure scarce resources are focussed on what really matters to the customer is key to meeting the challenging goals.
Somaliland Research and Data Analysis

Research and data analysis

Guul is the optimum choice for bold, budding and bullish investors. Product research, competitor analysis or industry data. Guul helps investors and entrepreneurs identify, understand and develop investment and market opportunities. Focusing on the various areas affecting investment; policy, competition, trade, taxation, risk mitigation,
Somaliland Project Event Management

Project and Event Management

We present opportunities through bespoke events; conferences and forums. We deliver value for money by providing the highest standards of project management, utilising qualified project managers to bring business benefits and deliver projects on time, in budget and with flexibility.
Somaliland Business Development Services

Business Development Services

Encouraging entrepreneurship; Guul helps individuals and SMEs, start-ups to develop their ideas & businesses through a variety of value added services at competitive prices. Marketing, PR and corporate branding. One-stop shop to facilitate all administrative activities to launch your new venture easily and efficiently.
 Somaliland Translation Interpreting

Translation, Transcription, Interpreting & Voice-overs

Planning a conference or event? Guul Group provides a full event management service, simultaneous conference interpreters, and interpretation equipment. Our simultaneous interpreters are skilled and experienced in listening to a message delivered in one language and interpreting

Driving sustainable growth

Guul Group provides consulting, contracting and facilitation services and aims for $100m investment facilitation by 2025, through individual investors, philanthropist, corporate companies and Governmental institutions. The Group is committed to promoting business start-ups, entrepreneurship and investment into Somaliland, Somalia and the Horn of Africa with a vision to help accelerate economic growth. Connecting entrepreneurs locally and those of the international community with ideas, investments and opportunities. Guul sponsored the UK-Somaliland investment forum in London. The Group spearheaded shares and capital raising of $5 million for Pontus Marine PLC, a UK & Somaliland registered, fisheries company.
The company is both dynamic and entrepreneurial; purposefully pursuing emerging markets with an emphasis on innovation and growth. We pride ourselves in providing a myriad of excellent investment and trade facilitation services to attract foreign direct investment. We also offer a range of business development services for both foreign and local businesses. Guul prides itself on accessibility, innovation and flexibility to help clients set up and develop their ventures.
"As it currently stands, Somaliland represents a high-risk, high-reward opportunity for foreign investors, local businessmen say. As international cooperation increases and more foreign companies start to move in, the economic opportunities will continue to grow. Those who get in early may have the chance to be part of something both exciting and profitable". Rob Denman; editor in chief and CEO of London-based Pathfinder Business.

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