Investment Djibouti

Why is important to invest in Djibouti?

It is hard to ignore Djibouti’s strategic location and importance. Bordering the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea and situated between Eritrea and Somalia, Djibouti is the route to the sea for African countries such as South Sudan and Ethiopia. Ethiopian imports and exports account for more than 70% of the port activity at Djibouti’s container terminal.

From the perspective of ‘the West,’ this is a strategic country in the middle of the unstable Horn of Africa. It is home to the only U.S. military base in Sub-Saharan Africa and the largest French foreign military base. The Japanese opened a base in the past few years to help in the fight against piracy on the sea. From an investor’s perspective, Djibouti is a young country that presents untapped opportunities. Here are 10 reasons to invest in Djibouti:

  • It is located on the 2nd shipping route of the world, where transit 60℅ of world traffic
  • The country is strategically positioned in the region, to serve as a hub for landlocked countries.
  • It enjoys political stability.
  • Nationals and foreigners alike enjoy the same rights.
  • Its currency is pegged to the US dollar and is freely convertible, with a weak inflation rate.
  • It has a financial system, free of exchange control, allows totally free currency transfer.
  • Its economy is development-oriented and in full swing (with major infrastructure projects).
  • Its telecom system ranks among the best in Africa, with station of SEA ME WE and EIG sub-marine fiber cables.
  • Investments operations in the country are eligible for funding and insurance coverage from regional and international financial institutions.
  • Djibouti is a natural gateway to a market of over 400 million inhabitants.

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