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"Make a run for the sun" - An industry that has not been explored. Guul Group is seeking to invest into sustainable luxury and eco hospitality & tourism projects such as lodges with partners such as Discover Somaliland. We envision building a thriving tourist industry that is culturally and environmentally friendly; moreover GG Travel & Tourism business has the potential to improve capacity as well as creating employment. This ancient arid land has much to offer for the intrepid traveller: An 850km long coast with lots of pristine beaches, beautiful coral reefs, unique archaeological sites, rare flora and fauna, stunning mountain ranges and a year round sunny warm climate. As suggested by Bradt "Take a trip to the camel market in Hargeisa, marvel at prehistoric rock art at Las Geel, or go on a 4x4 excursion to the wildlife-rich Daallo Escarpment". Guul Group currently provides a comprehensive range of tours and excursions in Somaliland; our services include visa assistance, trip arrangements, car and hotel reservations, bespoke holiday packages, inner-city as well as archaeological tours. Guul Group's tours are green, guided and good value.

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