Somaliland: Creating Space for Budding Entrepreneurs to incubate and Accelerate Innovations @ Guul Group

Somtel introduces its 4G LTE Mobile WIFI internet service to tech savvy Somaliland youths at the Hargeisa International Book Fair 2015

Somalilandsun – Guul Group a locally owned business facilitation firm based in Hargeisa and London aspires to tap into the $360m a year from Tech Start-ups with the aim to create a unique space for Somaliland youth entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative ideas, as well as share skills while providing a platform for playing a role in incubating and accelerating innovations & business ideas in Somaliland

Innovation and technology filled the void left by the absence of formal banking infrastructure In Somaliland, through mobile money platforms such as Zaad and E-Dahab up until the launch of Dahabshiil International Bank and Salaam Bank. read more

Untapped Investment Opportunities in Africa

The raggedy cargo truck drives onto the ferry which immediately sinks deeply into the water, only seemingly buoyed by the grace of mother nature. The truck appears misplaced on the ferry, but locals assure me that this is the cheapest and quickest route to the final destination. “This is Africa” is often an overused phrase, but this truck is a microcosm of the continent’s transport and logistical challenges (and subsequent investment opportunities).

It is an often overlooked fact, but only about 30% of African roads are paved, and 50% remain in “poor condition,” according to the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. It is this reality that makes shipping cement from Shanghai to the shores of Djibouti about 60% cheaper than shipping from Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa to neighboring Djibouti by road. This statistic does not indicate better things for ports. The same UN report estimates that Africa’s ports productivity is mere 30% of the international norm. This is logistics in Africa. But why? read more