Somaliland: Architects in SL-Turkey Business Enhancement Partnership

Somalilandsun – Within the last few months Somaliland has received unprecedented number of Turkish nationals and business groups enticed by Somaliland’s young economy that is currently exhibiting great potential, There is one particular company that has made its mark in Somaliland;

Founded by Architects Liban Haji Hassan and Ozgur Erpolat; Somturk Energy, Construction and Trade; a group of companies operating in the fields of design, project preparation, contracting, manufacturing and procurement since its establishment in Ankara (2011), Turksom (as it is also known) has placed its mark on many prestigious and successful projects both in Turkey and Somaliland.
Sustainability is imperative Somturk’s undertakings whilst in the shortest possible time it has completed multi-million dollar projects for the likes of the U.S. Navy, Telesom Company, Safari Hotel and a number of other high profile projects for private investors.
Somturk brings a competitive edge which includes strict policies adhered to by the company and its staff including but not limited to quality, environmental as well as health & safety procedures. Assuring living spaces, products and services of high standards for utmost customer satisfaction whilst safety laws and regulations are not compromised. For more information; | |+252 (0) 634248657 | +252 (0) 638427620 read more