Guul Group to Handle Pontus Marine Fisheries Investment Portfolio

By: Abdirahman YonisAhmed Abdulqadir Ahmed Abdulqadir

Somalilandsun – Due to The Development of the country, Pontus Marine Limited which is Somaliland’s First global Fishing Company with its aim of focusing on supplying quality fishery to domestic and overseas market Welcomes Local Investment Participation to Somaliland.

Speaking to Somalilandsun Mr. Ahmed Abdulqadir Ahmed Public and Communication Manager to Pontus Marine said that Their Company is launching a Development Program to the Country towards Fishing Opportunities read more

7 key hurdles to take when investing in East Africa

By Tim Weiss on June 26, 2013

In a series of articles on VC4Africa, Tim Weiss explores private equity investment challenges in East Africa.

When investing, it is important to be aware of context-specific hurdles. Although investing is a risky business anywhere in the world, each market has its own characteristics. Below I’ll discuss 7 key hurdles to take when you are investing in East Africa, based on recent interviews I had with 22 representatives of (social) equity investment funds, consultancy companies, online news platforms and development finance institutions (DFI) focused on East Africa. read more


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Somaliland administration to simplify business regulations

Merchants display their wares in Wahen Market in Somaliland's Gaan Libah district. The Somaliland administration is working to make it easier for entrepreneurs to start businesses there. [Barkhad Dahir/Sabahi]The Somaliland administration is working to simplify policies governing investment and business creation as part of its efforts to strengthen trade and attract foreign and local investors.

The Somaliland Investment Guide, developed in partnership with the Somaliland Ministry of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, will be a clearinghouse of economic, legal, regulatory and investment information for local, diaspora and foreign investors.

“We will create a website to collect information about investment, available opportunities, where to invest and pertinent information so foreign and diaspora investors and citizens can easily obtain information to help them make decisions any time,” said Mohamed Saleban, director of planning and statistics at the Somaliland Ministry of Commerce. read more

Business Survey Shows Surge in Investment in Somaliland

The 2012 Business Confidence Survey, released this week, shows that investment in medium‐sized enterprises more than doubled between 2011 and 2012. The Somaliland Ministry of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture conducted the survey with USAID support.

“This year’s survey shows that businesses and investors are becoming more confident in the economy,” said Somaliland Minister of Commerce Honorable Abdirizak Ahmed Khalif. “We expect that their confidence will continue to grow and that investment will continue to increase.” read more

Berbera – a strategic port ripe for development

Berbera port – Somaliland

With increased economic activity throughout the Horn and East Africa the regions’ ports are more important than ever. Mombassa and Dar es Salaam are at full capacity, Djibouti is undergoing further expansion, which leaves Berbera Port the only other viable entry/exit point until the Lamu development is completed. Berbera Port sits in a very strategic location on the Red Sea and looks set to become a major port in the region for Somaliland, Ethiopia, Somalia and South Sudan. Somaliland’s government has signaled its eagerness to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) projects and views the upgrading and expansion of the port as integral to the development of the Berbera Corridor. In recent years a number of companies including France’s Bolloré Africa Logistics, the Hong Kong based, Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH), and Holland-based, APM Terminals have expressed an interest in playing a role in the Port of Berbera. With the green light having been given for privation already bids are being placed with Somaliland’s National Tender Board with regard to securing the rights to manage the Berbera petroleum storage facility. Companies such as Hass Petroleum, Jet Oil and Red Sea Petroleum have already thrown their hat into the ring. The likelihood is that further interest will follow and before too long Berbera will be in a position to offer effective competition to Djibouti. read more

Somaliland attends Africa Oil Week conference 2012

Somaliland Attends Africa Oil Week Conference
Sunday, 28 October 2012 07:50

“Am attending the oil conference after South Africa extended an official invitation to the government our government” Energy minister.

BERBERA (Somalilandsun) – The government is for the first time participating in the Africa Oil Week conference
During the 19th Africa Oil Week conference that starts in Cape Town, South Africa on October 31 – November 2, 2012 the Minister of Minerals, Energy & Water-MME&W Eng Hussein Abdi Duale will have an opportunity to rub shoulders with Africa and the world’s high and mighty energy players.
Eng Hussein who is to deliver a speech that pertains to national activities pertaining to the energy sector is also expected to accumulate lots of relevant contacts thus a possibility of increased multinationals exploring and drilling for oil in the country known to posses yet to be tapped high quantities of the commodity.
The various heads of state, multinational oil and gas companies and other interested parties will discuss such topics as ‘The Scramble for Africa’ and ‘Africa’s Oil and Gas Future in general while ‘The key focus include:
• Leading Corporate Players In Africa
• African Governments & State Oil Companies
• Foreign National Oil Companies In Africa
Africa s Frontier Exploration Potential
• Leading Independents In Africa
• Africa s Acreage, Bid Rounds & Exploration Potential
• Corporate Oil & Gas Players Across Africa
• Independents In Africa: New Players & Vistas
• Corporate Strategies For African E&P
• African Opportunities: Acreage & Potential read more