Somaliland: Guul Group Targets $100m Investment in UK’s Post Brexit Africa Engagement Strategy

the CEO of Guul Group Guleid Harun Ibrahim

Somaliland sun: On 20 January 2020 the United Kingdom hosted the U.K.-Africa investment summit in London. The summit, attended by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and 21 African leaders, focused on the U.K.’s post-Brexit trade and investment relationship with African countries.

While several investment deals were announced on the sidelines of the summit between the UK and African economic powerhouses like Kenya and Nigeria, the yet to be recognised Somaliland wasn’t officially at the table, though numerous local bodies had their sights on outcome.

The UK-Africa Investment Summit 2020 having laid the foundations for new partnerships between the UK and African nations based on trade, investment, shared values and mutual interest, a meeting was taking place in Hargeisa between the head of the UK Somaliland office Stuart Brown and the CEO of Guul Group Guled Harun Ibrahim

Stuart Brown head of the UK Somaliland office in Hargeisa at meet with the CEO of Guul Group after discussing INVESTMENT and job creation

During the meeting at the GG offices in Hargeisa avenues to for Somaliland to tap into the U.K.’s post-Brexit trade and investment relationship with African countries more so as pertains to trade, investment, economic development and job creation sectors that are direly needed in this former British protectorate.

Though Somaliland remains internationally unrecognized as a sovereign nation since 1991 when it withdrew from its 1960 fateful union with Somalia the government of the United Kingdom has been the main pillar its within international circles as well as the biggest development and humanitarian donors

Guul Group CEO with Haile Gebrselassie two-time Olympic gold medalist over 10,000 metres and four-time World Championship, turned businessman discussing investment opportunities in Somaliland at the Africa Hotel Investment Forum 2019

According to the Guul Group CEO the meeting with the British Diplomat ended with promises to pursue the London just established strategies for the Kingdoms’ engagement with Africa, in particular Somaliland.

Briefing  the youthful Guled Harun Ibrahim himself a British citizen of Somaliland origin said “Taking a leaf from past Guul Group  multi million dollars investment facilitation achievements we are currently strategising on an infusion of $100m in trade and investment in 5 years

02/02/2020 – DIASPORA – Lets make it another year of home coming across Africa & another year of return

From then it was hands off to the Consultancy firm whose motto is Bridging the investment Gap between the Diaspora and home countries of origin. Guul Group welcomes the engagement between diaspora of nation of Ghana following on the successful year of home coming in 2019; the Group recommends the year of 2020 to be the year of home for Somaliland, Somalia and all African nationals in the diaspora to come back and #InvestInAfrica.

From Left Ex Somaliland president Ahmed Silanyo his Foreign minister and Guul Group CEO Mahamed-Guled at meeting

The Year of return attracted high profile guests, including comedian Steve Harvey, actors Boris Kodjoe, Conan O’Brien, Danny Glover and musicians T.I. and Ludacris, Naomi Campbell took part in Jack Ma’s entrepreneur summit. The tourism authority of Ghana expected the country to rake in $925m in 2019.

Says the Groups CEO “Apart from now successful aspirations of our motto, we also work to ensure that locals in the Diaspora no longer lose their hard earned savings through blind investments back home” adding that this is done by connecting entrepreneurs locally and those of the international community with ideas, investments and opportunities.

UK- Somaliland Investment Forum


Guul Group at Somaliland UK investment Forum 2014.jpg 2I

In 2014 Guul Group had reached new heights by sharing the high table with heads of governments, international conglomerates and organisations at the UK-Somaliland Investment Conference held in London where it was among Sponsors.

  • Guul Group the – match-making platform for investment opportunity and investors
  • Extensive local knowledge, experience and network as the leading conduit and strategic partner for foreign private and public and multilateral firms
  • Planning and implementing best solutions via myriad of excellent trade and investment services to attract Foreign Direct Investment
  • Guul provides pioneering services for the bold and bullish entrepreneur through research into trade, investment policy, taxation, risk mitigation

During a visit to Somaliland by Nairobi based Finland’s diplomatic envoy to Kenya MS. Tarja Fernandez  the  government in Helsinki which is already working on health improvement related projects in Somaliland stated  intent on extending support to local production of renewable energy from waste products.  After a meet between the visiting Finnish Diplomat and Guul Group CEO the consultancy firm

Guul group

Revealed plans of establishing mechanisms that will facilitate the intended growth through encouraging Finnish diaspora and companies to explore opportunities in the untapped potential in Somaliland.

Between 2016 and 2019 Guul had a major focus on the hospitality industry working with Ambassador Hotel Hargeisa in streamlining operations, cumulative existing business, diversification of the business, and development of millions of dollars’ worth of business with more in the pipeline for 2020. Branding, marketing, client care and training of staff are some of the in-depth accomplishments and solutions provided.

In 2018 Guul Group was to support The Tony Elumelu Foundation’s $100m Entrepreneurship Programme Applications in Somalia and Somaliland for the 4th cycle, and jointly with the Somaliland Investment Ministry Facilitated TEF2018 Application Training for citizens where over 300 aspiring awardees in the country attended in Hargeisa. Guul looks to hold the promotion of this entrepreneurship programme Mogadishu which will be running for the next 6 years as part of a 10-year impact with an investment of $100million to create 10,000 businesses, 1 million jobs and $1 billion in revenue across Africa. Applications are now OPEN. APPLY NOW. TEF2020.

Guul Group is a facilitator for TEF in Somaliland and Somalia

Somaliland has plenty and unexploited locally available resources and encourages local and international investors to exploit these resources. The state has sufficient human resource, human capital are the enablers of success and they need to be utilised accordingly. Somaliland government has laws in place for the promotion; protection and guarantee of foreign investment. Guul stresses the importance of creating trust between foreign investors, the government and local partners and mitigating risk through policy that are explicitly adhered to.

As stressed by the GG chief honcho adding that the firm is committed to promoting business start-ups, entrepreneurship and investment into Somaliland, Somalia and the Horn of Africa with a vision to help accelerate economic growth.

Creating Jobs:

To this effect and in the next five years the now fully fledged Guul Group is targeting an infusion of $100 investment in the country whose objective is not only to spur economic growth in Somaliland but create 10,000 much needed jobs thus ultimately alleviating poverty levels.

Guul Group staffers recognized by Somaliland finance minister Dr Saad Ali Shire

Transactions of Investment

The Group handles transaction that are typically Low and lower-mid-market sized investments between $1m to $5m and $6m to $10m. Guul prides itself on accessibility, innovation and flexibility. focus on climate, gender, youth, and employment, aimed at attaining the company’s vision of creating jobs in agribusiness, energy, tourism and infrastructure following the UK Africa Investment Summit.

Somaliland is already attracting interest from a range of international companies and we are delighted to be in the position to assist both existing and new investors enhance commercial activity. Following the $442 million investment from DP World into Berbera port, $40 million from Genel Energy into Oil exploration, $18 million from Coca Cola (Somaliland Beverage Industry).

Location, Location, Location.

Intra-trade between African countries is paramount for Africa and the people of tomorrow in Africa. As Somaliland is strategically located should be able to trade with landlocked Ethiopia and offer salt, fisheries, access to the port for import and export for a nation of 102,406,052 people.  (Guul Group CEO with Haile Gebrselassie two-time Olympic gold medalist over 10,000 metres and four-time World Championship, turned businessman discussing investment opportunities in Somaliland at the Africa Hotel Investment Forum 2019)

Guul Group targets trade & investment partnerships at international conferences, forums and summits in UK, UAE, Turkey, Kenya, India and Ethiopia.

Promotion of investment opportunities through forums, conferences, summits and bespoke investment events is what drives the work of Guul Group. In attendance at the Africa Hotel Investment Forum in Addis, Ethiopia, Guul was promotion Somaliland to over 500 people from all over the world including UK, USA, other parts of Europe, Middle East including investors, corporate brands and the media.

The then fledgling Guul Group Came to Age in July 2016 it completed the first ever public share issue in Somaliland Worth $5m on behalf of Pontius Marine. In recognition of services provided managing Director of Pontus Marine Ahmed Abokor said “Guul Group’s spirit and dedication to our project was an integral part of the successful delivery. The services to Pontus Marine were excellent and their contribution to the team commendable. Again, I highly recommend Guul Group and would welcome their contribution to future phases of this public limited company”.

Guul Group and Pontius Marine at meeting in Hargeisa Somaliland

Success with the Pontus Marine public share issue saw Guul Group recognised at the 2013 achiever in the business category by the West London Somaliland Community-WLSC in the UK. The 5th Somaliland Community Achievement business category was presented to the Guul Group Chief Executive officer Mr. M-Guled H Ibrahim at a colourful and high-profile event hosted by West London Somaliland Community at Brunel University in London. Speaking to Somalilandsun upon receiving the 2013 WLSC business category achiever award the youthful Guul Group CEO said, “I was absolutely delighted to have received this award as part of an important ceremony in which many had been recognised for individual accomplishments and contributions to the Somaliland community globally”

Guul Group awarded The 5th Somaliland Community Achievement business category for 2013

Feature in USAID Report – SOMALIA ECONOMIC GROWTH STRATEGIC ASSESSMENT REPORT 2014 (pages 31 & 74) “several firms are emerging to fill the market information gap for diaspora investors. Guul Group is private firm offering services in business planning, development & strategy, project management, event management, marketing, branding”.

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