Somaliland: Creating Space for Budding Entrepreneurs to incubate and Accelerate Innovations @ Guul Group

Somtel introduces its 4G LTE Mobile WIFI internet service to tech savvy Somaliland youths at the Hargeisa International Book Fair 2015

Somalilandsun – Guul Group a locally owned business facilitation firm based in Hargeisa and London aspires to tap into the $360m a year from Tech Start-ups with the aim to create a unique space for Somaliland youth entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative ideas, as well as share skills while providing a platform for playing a role in incubating and accelerating innovations & business ideas in Somaliland

Innovation and technology filled the void left by the absence of formal banking infrastructure In Somaliland, through mobile money platforms such as Zaad and E-Dahab up until the launch of Dahabshiil International Bank and Salaam Bank. read more

Somaliland: Guul Group Pursues Trade and Investment Growth from Finland

After Finland Ambassador to Kenya reveals plans to support Somaliland with production of renewable energy
President Silanyo receives Amb Tarja Fernandez at his offices in Hargeisa

By: Mahmud Walaleye
Somalilandsun- Plans are afoot to entice more trade and investment locally by Finland based companies
Similarly Guul Group-GG a locally based international consultancy firm is establishing mechanisms that will facilitated the intend growth through Encouraging Finnish Diaspora and companies to explore opportunities in the untapped potential in Somaliland.
During a visit to Somaliland by Nairobi based Finland’s diplomatic envoy to Kenya MS. Tarja Fernandez the government in Helsinki which is already working on health improvement related projects in Somaliland is intend on extending support to local production of renewable energy from waste products
According to the firms CEO Mohamed Guleid Ibrahim his Hargeisa and London firm with a target of facilitating foreign investment to somalilandsun worth $100m by 2020 is eyeing the Finnish market within both the Somaliland Diaspora in Finland and Finnish nationals as well
‘I had the privilege of meeting with Ambassador Tarja Fernandez and Counsellor Eeva Alarcon – Head of Development Cooperation at the Ambassador Hotel. and discussed investments, business start-ups, entrepreneurship and business opportunities in Somaliland, the Guul Group CEO told somalilandsun adding that Encouraging Finnish Diaspora and companies to explore opportunities in this untapped potential was mutually agreed upon. read more

Somaliland: “Though Investment is Risky Business my Country Assures Returns” says SLCCIA

Chairman of the Somaliland Chamber of Commerce Mohamed Shukri Jama  address to the UK SL investment Conference

Somalilandsun — while investment opportunities in the developed countries are few and returns are small, we want to welcome you to Somaliland, a place with a growing economy, lot of investment opportunities and greater returns.
This was stated by the Chairman of the Somaliland Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture- SLCCIA Mohamed Shukri Jama during his address to the UK SL investment Conference held in London on the 14th October 2014
Below are the full excerpts of the address

The President of Republic of Somaliland, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud (Siilaanyo), The UK and Somaliland Ministers, Parliamentarians of countries, the business community and other dignitaries present. read more

Somaliland: Hargeisa among 47 African Cities Hosting Oracle Cloud Day Event

Oracle cloud day 2016 banner

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
Hargeisa (Somalilandsun)-The republic of Somaliland was among 47 sub Saharan countries that simultaneously hosted oracle cloud day 2016.
At the event held at Ambassador Hotel in Hargeisa that pooled its participants from government, institutions of higher learning and the private sectors the guest of Honour namely the Somaliland minister of Council coordination, Research and Technology Ali Hamud Jibril said the inclusion of Somaliland to simultaneously hold the Oracle Cloud Day 2016 event with other sub-Saharan countries was a measure of the rapidly growing technology sector.
“Being selected by a company such as Oracle with global operations is matter of pride for the country thence the government’s commitment to facilitating a conducive operational environment for Oracle and other foreign investors as well” said minister Ali Hamud adding that his ministry shall utilize the Oracle Cloud application to store government data.
The Oracle cloud platform was introduced by visiting company experts that included its Horn Africa representative Ms Hodon Mohamed supported by Daoud from Mega boutique of Djibouti among others
. According to Daud who was main presenter the Oracle cloud platform enables businesses and public sector agencies to increase performance, through concentration on core activities devoid of cumbersome on premium data management.
Somaliland technology minister and government and Oracle cloud experts at the event in Hargeiisa read more

Somaliland: SME Advisor/Consultant Opportunity at Guul Group

Bridging the investment gap in Somaliland – Investment facilitation | Business opportunities | Entrepreneurship enhancement

Somalilandsun – Guul group is looking for a Small Market Enterprises Advisor/Consultant with responsibilities for conducting advisory engagements (which span strategy consulting, investment readiness, partnership facilitation, project development support, and “customised projects”) with SMEs and social enterprises.

The ideal candidate who should hold a Degree (BA) in Business, Economics, Finance plus 5+ years experience in management or strategic consulting (Master of Business Administration an advantage) will also be Supporting clients to access financing with financiers, investment requirements, and transaction structures to advice clients and help them be successful in closing transactions. read more

Somaliland: Guul Group Comes to Age

As Pontus Marine awards the consultancy firm in recognition of successful public share issue worth $5m
L- R  a colleague flanks the CEO of Guul Group M. Guled Harun as receives a services recognition award from the managing Director of Pontus Marine Ahmed Abokor

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
Somaliland sun – In less than 36 months Guul Group has transformed from an unknown consultancy firm operating in a one roomed office to a giant in Bridging the investment gap in Somaliland occupying an entire floor as office space in Hargeisa, from where it now aspires to handling portfolios worth over $100m by 2020.
The final stamp to this meteoric rise of Guul Group, a firm registered in both the United Kingdom and Somaliland was Pontus Marine which awarded it a certificate in recognition of consultancy services during the Pontus Marine Annual General Meeting
At the Pontus Marine First AGM that brought investors together at Guled Hotel in Hargeisa on the 21st of July 2016-07-24 the CEO of Guul Group proudly received on behalf of his firm the services recognition award from the managing Director of Pontus Marine Ahmed Abokor read more

Somaliland: Oracle Entices Administration to Cloud Storage Technology

As Somaliland technology minister reveals plans of establishing a national data Centre

Oracle cloud roadshow in Hargeisa Somaliland

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The government of Somaliland is pursuing avenues of interconnecting all its nationwide operations electronically.
This was revealed during a one day meeting held at the Ambassador hotel in Hargeisa where Oracle Cloud Technology hosted government officials.
The high level government team to the Oracle cloud meeting meeting was led by minister of Technology and council coordination Ali Hamud Jibril included his aviation counterpart Farman Aden Haybe, deputy finance and aviation ministers and the ministry of education director General.
During the cloud technology briefing by the country representative of the Djibouti headquartered Mega Bouique that handles Oracle Company activities locally Mr Adanan Hoog benefits of the government utilizing cloud technology for safe and reliable data storage were divulged.
“The Oracle Cloud Platform enables users to Consolidate and manage databases as cloud services and accelerate analytical performance while achieving new levels of efficiency, security, and availability” said the Mega Boutique rep in his opening remarks.
Touching on the impact of lost data through various means like fire, natural disasters, theft that destroy whatever is save manually Adnaan Hoog stressed on the security of data availed by the Oracle Cloud technology courtesy of its secure servers that enable a client to not only maintain the said despite any disasters but anyway on earth as long as internet connection is available.
Similarly it was also informed that the technology also allows a client, in this instance the Somaliland government, to interconnect all its offices from district, regional to national level offices electronic thence facilitate ease of service provision through apt and instantaneous communication. read more

Somaliland: Ambassador Hotel Commemorates 15 Years of 5 Star Service

Somalilandsun- The Ambassador hotel, a Luxury Hotel with international standards, nests on top of the hills overlooking the panoramic view of the Somaliland capital city of Hargeisa, and provides you the finest in hospitality.
Established fifteen years the Ambassador hotel has not only introduced, sustained but perfected Five star hospitality industry in Somaliland courtesy of its continued pursuit and adaption of international norms.
The Ambassador hotel Hargeisa which was established by youthful Briton of Somaliland origin, Khadar Aden Hussein has come along way from its humble beginnings of mid 2002 to not only being dubbed a city in the corner of a city but being recognized as a hospitality service provider of international standards.
In 2016 TripAdvisors having recognized the hotel’s hospitality supremacy in the Horn of Africa awarded its annual certificate of excellence for hospitality and ambience for the year 2016. read more

Huge investment opportunities in Somaliland through Guul Group

Somaliland has plenty  and unexploited  locally available resources and encourages local and international investors to exploit these resources. The state has sufficient human resource that can be utilized. Somaliland government has laws in place for the promotion; protection and guarantee of foreign investment.

Guul Group, a commercial conglomerate that runs a range of services – from agro-processing to transport and logistics, construction, fisheries, import/export, and business consultancy is the best bridge to business and investment in Somaliland. Guul Group provides specialist complementary; conduit, consulting, contracting and facilitation services delivered using effective, world-class communications tools.

Important areas of investment opportunities: 

Housing sector: 
The housing sector is vital for every society particularly those coming out of prolonged conflict .The cities of Berbera , Erigavo , Las Qoray , Las Aanod and Burao face huge shortages of affordable housing with the widest gap existing in Hargeisa and Berbera where the returning Diaspora and employees need affordable housing . read more

Guul Group : Young entrepreneur abandons life in the West to spearhead investments in Somaliland

What is it that is driving the prosperity in this island in a region torn apart by decades of political and social upheavals?
No single factor is responsible, but peace, stability, a patriotic citizenry, and functioning civil service have all contributed. But arguably the most important development has been the return of hundreds of Diaspora ‘Somalilanders’ who have abandoned life in the West to set up business in the country.
Mr Mahamed-Guled, is one such returnee. After several years living in the West , Guled decided to follow his dream of playing a part in the economic development of his ancestral land. In Somaliland  he and a small team of young people floated the Guul Group, a commercial conglomerate that runs a range of services – from agro-processing to transport and logistics, construction, fisheries, import/export, and business consultancy. read more

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