Somaliland minister seeks energy investment from UAE

DP World signed a US$442 million agreement with the Government of Somaliland to develop and operate a regional trade and logistics hub at the Port of Berbera. Pawan Singh / The National

A Somaliland government minister is in the UAE to drum up investment for power projects to stabilise the self-declared state’s precarious economy where energy costs are among the highest in the world.

The self-governing region which broke away from Somalia in 1991 is seeking to build on its relationship with Gulf nations to improve its infrastructure following the election of a new president last year.

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Hargaysa Oo Laga Daah-furay Mashruuca Maal-galinta Fikradaha Ganacsiga Ee Tony Elumelu Foundation

Hargaysa(HWN):-Munaasibada lagu daah-furayey  mashruuca maal-galinta fikradaha ganacsiga oo ay wado shirkad uu leeyahay maal-qabeen afrikaana  oo la yidhaahdo Tony Elumelu Foundation ayaa maanta lagu qabtay hotelka Ambassador ee Magaalada Hargaysa.

Mashruucan maal-galineed oo loogu talo-galay dadyowga afrikaanka ah ee leh hal-abuurka ganacsiga ayaa socon doono muddo toban sannadood ah oo saddex ka mid ahi ay dhamaadeen, waxaana lagu maal-galin doonaaa lacag gaadhaysa 100-milyan oo dollar ,iyadoo looga go’leeyahay in ay ka  faaidaystaan dad gaadhaya toban kun oo qof oo la rabo in ay iyaguna sii shaqaaleysiiyaan dad gaadhaya hal milyan oo qof oo ku nool qaarada afrika oo ay Somaliland-na ku jirto

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Somaliland: “Though Investment is Risky Business my Country Assures Returns” says SLCCIA

Chairman of the Somaliland Chamber of Commerce Mohamed Shukri Jama  address to the UK SL investment Conference

Somalilandsun — while investment opportunities in the developed countries are few and returns are small, we want to welcome you to Somaliland, a place with a growing economy, lot of investment opportunities and greater returns.
This was stated by the Chairman of the Somaliland Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture- SLCCIA Mohamed Shukri Jama during his address to the UK SL investment Conference held in London on the 14th October 2014
Below are the full excerpts of the address

The President of Republic of Somaliland, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud (Siilaanyo), The UK and Somaliland Ministers, Parliamentarians of countries, the business community and other dignitaries present.

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