Somaliland: Ethiopia Acquires 19% Stake in DP World Berbera Port

Somalilandsun-DP World, the United Arab Emirates-based maritime conglomerate, has announced that Ethiopia will become a shareholder of the Port of Berbera in Somaliland, a crucial site for Middle Eastern trade, strategically located along the oil route.

This announcement follows an agreement that was signed by DP World and the Somaliland Port Authority in Dubai on March 1, 2018.

DP World will hold a 51% stake in the project, Somaliland 30% and Ethiopia the remaining 19%.

The government of Ethiopia will also invest in infrastructure to develop the Berbera Corridor as a trade gateway for the inland country of Somaliland, which is one of the fastest growing nations in the world. read more

Somaliland: Guul Group, Investment Ministry Facilitate TEF2018 Application Training

Guul Group, Investment Ministry Facilitate TEF2018 Application Training in Hargeisa

Somalilandsun- We will endeavor to attract such opportunities and encourage investment from individuals, philanthropist foundations and corporate companies.
This was stated by the CEO Guul Group Guleid Harun Ibrahim during a training the consultancy firm conducted in partnership with the ministry of Investment for prospective applicants to the Tony Elumelu Foundation’s TEF 2018 Entrepreneurship grant.
In attendance was the DG of Ministry of Investment Ahmed Abokor Mohammed and Director of Investment Mohammed Saleban Ilmi as well as the over 30 prospective beneficiaries of TEF 2018.
The training was held at the Investment ministry conference hall in Hargeisa
Stressing that applicants from Somaliland and Somalia were not limited to those present at the short training the Guul Group boss said the purpose was to see to it that knowledge applications are submitted thence a fair chance of competing with thousands of other Africans applying. read more

Somaliland minister seeks energy investment from UAE

DP World signed a US$442 million agreement with the Government of Somaliland to develop and operate a regional trade and logistics hub at the Port of Berbera. Pawan Singh / The National

A Somaliland government minister is in the UAE to drum up investment for power projects to stabilise the self-declared state’s precarious economy where energy costs are among the highest in the world.

The self-governing region which broke away from Somalia in 1991 is seeking to build on its relationship with Gulf nations to improve its infrastructure following the election of a new president last year. read more

Hargaysa Oo Laga Daah-furay Mashruuca Maal-galinta Fikradaha Ganacsiga Ee Tony Elumelu Foundation

Hargaysa(HWN):-Munaasibada lagu daah-furayey  mashruuca maal-galinta fikradaha ganacsiga oo ay wado shirkad uu leeyahay maal-qabeen afrikaana  oo la yidhaahdo Tony Elumelu Foundation ayaa maanta lagu qabtay hotelka Ambassador ee Magaalada Hargaysa.

Mashruucan maal-galineed oo loogu talo-galay dadyowga afrikaanka ah ee leh hal-abuurka ganacsiga ayaa socon doono muddo toban sannadood ah oo saddex ka mid ahi ay dhamaadeen, waxaana lagu maal-galin doonaaa lacag gaadhaysa 100-milyan oo dollar ,iyadoo looga go’leeyahay in ay ka  faaidaystaan dad gaadhaya toban kun oo qof oo la rabo in ay iyaguna sii shaqaaleysiiyaan dad gaadhaya hal milyan oo qof oo ku nool qaarada afrika oo ay Somaliland-na ku jirto read more

Somaliland: Nation is Ripe with Investment Opportunities and the Time to Act is NOW. Dadaalku waa Guul

guul new logo

By: Baby Guul

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Guul Group is inviting prospective investors from all over the world, who would like to be part of the initial phase of sustainable investment in Somaliland’s young economy that is currently exhibiting great potential in a number of industries; Agriculture, Banking, Energy, Fisheries, livestock, Minerals, Salt and Services.

The government’s commitment to creating a business enabling environment which encourages innovation & fosters local and international linkages to expand market opportunities, while protecting investor assets is a huge step for Somaliland; with a mission to proactively seek, attract, facilitate and retain productive foreign investment in line with the national investment priorities & National Development Plan (NDP) read more

Somaliland: Access the Country’s Huge Investment Opportunities Through Guul Group

Guul Group banner

Somalilandsun – Somaliland has plenty and unexploited locally available resources and encourages local and international investors to exploit these resources. The state has sufficient human resource that can be utilized. Somaliland government has laws in place for the promotion; protection and guarantee of foreign investment.

Guul Group, a commercial conglomerate that runs a range of services – from agro-processing to transport and logistics, construction, fisheries, import/export, and business consultancy is the best bridge to business and investment in Somaliland. Guul Group provides specialist complementary; conduit, consulting, contracting and facilitation services delivered using effective, world-class communications tools. read more

Somaliland: The Importance of Entrepreneurship in the Country

By: Mo Ali/medeshi
Somalilandsun – Entrepreneurship or the process of identifying and starting a new business venture, sourcing and organizing the required resources is essential for Somaliland’s sustainable economy. “Give a man a fish and he will feed himself for a day. But teach him how to fish and he will never go hungry again”, so goes the old Chinese proverb, and it most aptly describes what is needed to light the fire under the economic take-off of Somaliland.

Perhaps more than any other country , no other African population is so reliant on the money sent back home by relatives living and working in the Diaspora than Somalilanders. Whilst remittances do seep through into the economic system, it is barely sufficient and can never substitute for a sustainable vehicle for economic growth and social development. What is needed is for more people to transform from being a receiver of donated money to creators of money. This can only mean entrepreneurship.
Shaking off the dependency syndrome, and forging a new culture of entrepreneurship is the only way our people will hit the road to financial independence. Instead of sending money home, the Diasporans should discuss with their families what businesses they can start with that money. They can also benefit from the experience and the service offered by companies such as Guul Group that provide expertise and support in establishing businesses in the country. If that happens, Somaliland will be well and truly on the road to sustainable development. Our country is rich in natural resources (over and below ground); we have huge agricultural potential which remains untapped, and geographically, we are well poised for a roaring mercantile trade with regional markets such as the Middle East, the Gulf, eastern Africa, North Africa and Europe.
Achieving economic growth requires a conducive environment. Peace and stability is a key factor; so are laws and processes that aid the wheels of enterprise, as well as education and skills development. Lastly but not least, the government needs to show its commitment by putting in place investment incentives that aim to lure not only the big (usually foreign) investors, but also the smaller, home-grown upstarts. Such incentives can include tax holidays, low corporation tax, easy licensing laws, and access to capital. Good transport and communications systems are indispensable to any country’s economic development, so the government needs to ensure that new roads are built, and existing ones properly maintained; it also needs to development telecommunications systems to wire up the country to the outside world. Once most of these factors be in place, Somaliland shall become a nation of entrepreneurs.
(Medeshi) read more

Somaliland: Architects in SL-Turkey Business Enhancement Partnership

Somalilandsun – Within the last few months Somaliland has received unprecedented number of Turkish nationals and business groups enticed by Somaliland’s young economy that is currently exhibiting great potential, There is one particular company that has made its mark in Somaliland;

Founded by Architects Liban Haji Hassan and Ozgur Erpolat; Somturk Energy, Construction and Trade; a group of companies operating in the fields of design, project preparation, contracting, manufacturing and procurement since its establishment in Ankara (2011), Turksom (as it is also known) has placed its mark on many prestigious and successful projects both in Turkey and Somaliland.
Sustainability is imperative Somturk’s undertakings whilst in the shortest possible time it has completed multi-million dollar projects for the likes of the U.S. Navy, Telesom Company, Safari Hotel and a number of other high profile projects for private investors.
Somturk brings a competitive edge which includes strict policies adhered to by the company and its staff including but not limited to quality, environmental as well as health & safety procedures. Assuring living spaces, products and services of high standards for utmost customer satisfaction whilst safety laws and regulations are not compromised. For more information; | |+252 (0) 634248657 | +252 (0) 638427620 read more

Somaliland: Guul Group among Sponsors UK-SL Investment Conference

The emerging consultancy group aims to facilitate $100m in Investment to Somaliland by year 2020

L-R President Silanyo FM Behi Younus and Guul Group CEO M Guleid at a Conference sidline meeting in London

Somalilandsun – Guul Group management have expressed gratitude towards DMA for organising this phenomenal event, the UK and Somaliland Governments in their astounding support of this unparalleled occasion; specifically His Excellency, President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud and Honourable Minister Mohammed Bihi Yonis for their commitment to Guul Group and appreciation of the company’s consistent promotion of investment opportunities in Somaliland. Both the President and Minister expressed their admiration in Guul sponsoring today’s forum held in One Whitehall Place London. (See Video) read more

Somaliland: Guul Group Target Partnerships at International Conferences in Kenya and Ethiopia

Guul Group provides services that link Somaliland with Global investments

Somalilandsun – With the Global Entrepreneurship Forum summit and Africa-Japan investment forum taking place in neighbouring Ethiopia and Kenya it is important we take advantage of this exposure on East Africa. These next few days are crucial for marketing and raising awareness of the vast and untapped opportunities in Somaliland.
IC Publications, and Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. (Nikkei BP) from Japan are joining forces to organise the Africa-Japan Business Investment Forum taking place between 31st August to 2nd September. Japan is now the most active Asian project financier in Africa, seeing an increase of 576% over the last 5 years and investing almost three times as much as China. Trade between Japan and Africa currently stands at $25billion according to the African Business Magazine.
It is very important for the Government of Somaliland private and sector businesses to take part in these events of such magnitude and calibre. Such forums and summits would support the achievement of economic, prosperity and social well-being for the people of Somaliland.
Guul Group Business and Entrepreneurship development centre providing training and in house services including administrative and office based space in HargeisaGuul Group invites and encourages the visiting high-level delegation of Japanese business leaders and investors, to explore major investment opportunities in Somaliland. (Trading, Construction, Agribusiness, Manufacturing, Energy, Gas, Oil, Minerals, Gems). The company promotes and facilitates international trade and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into Somaliland in collaboration with the Somaliland Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Trade and Investment.
Guul Group CEO Mohamed Guleid Harun Ibrahim poses with Somaliland President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo at an investment forum in LondonLocation, location, Location; Somaliland is strategically located, in the area where almost 30% of Global trade crosses along its shores to various markets. Also considered gateway to Ethiopia, a country that has achieved a double digit economic growth of 10% per annum’s with is 90million population. Somaliland’s location means the Middle East, Africa and Asian markets are all within reach opening up new commercial opportunities in the Horn of Africa. read more

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