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Guul + Group + Goals + Growth + Green = GREAT

Guul meaning 'success' in the Somali language has been incorporated with the English word 'Group' to portray and highlighting the amalgamation, collaboration and affiliation of successful Somali and foreign investors. Poetry is one of the key pillars of the Somali culture; we exercise this through alliteration and our favourite letter – G; drawing on the company's creative direction. Our logo illustrates the wealth of opportunities in the region, the company's drive for global success and long-term sustainability.

Guul Group is a corporation that has a sizeable portfolio and is operating across a range of sectors that include agriculture, livestock, and consultancy. It has striven to establish and bolster trade within Somaliland and the rest of the Horn of Africa. Drawing upon extensive local knowledge, experience and contacts it is well placed to facilitate commercial activity with impact. Guul Group will function as a for-profit privately-held investment and economic development facilitation business that develops, fosters, leverages and positions key centres of global investment, commercial operations, regional development & commercialisation, economic development investment and trade efforts in Somaliland and potentially other Horn of African markets.

The company will stand to earn from the recent push that the region has made in attracting global investors. The regional government has started to open up to investment opportunities and has begun to offer incentives to firms and business entities that recognise the region's potential. Somaliland is already attracting interest from a range of international companies. We are delighted to be in the position to help existing and new investors enhance commercial activity in Somaliland and the Horn. The company is fully primed to invest and create in the region's growing economy and it will contribute to the eventual growth of the region.

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