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We pride ourselves in providing a myriad of excellent investment and trade facilitation services to attract foreign direct investment into Somaliland. We also offer a range of business facilitation services for both foreign and local businesses.

At Guul Group we have three priorities: to enhance the competitiveness of domestic SMEs; to facilitate business and partnerships between local and international companies; and to drive inclusive economic development, through our first rate research and consulting services; and through the creation of jobs as our clients grow into the leading businesses of tomorrow.

Small to medium enterprises in Somaliland face daily challenges that hinder growth and development. We offer services to help these businesses improve management and operational efficiency and to achieve growth potential.

Services range from;

The Guul Group team consists of foreign and Somali professionals with significant international experience and a profound knowledge of the socio-economic and trade environments in Somaliland.

Guul Group's entrepreneurship and business incubator facilities are already supporting entrepreneurs to turn ideas into businesses, through a range of activities which include; training, coaching and mentoring as well as access to resources.

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